Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group is the representative of the leading professional cosmetics brands in the world as well as the market leader in SPA & Wellness Equipment and Medical Devices in the beauty journey that started in 1992. With the right steps we have taken on this path, our tradition of forward-looking investment, the importance we give to production and technology, we continue our success for 26 years with the strength we have acquired with our valued employees and business partners.
Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group continues to make new projects with the products that will resound in the world in the sectors where it is located with 26 years of accumulation of confidence. Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group has been writing a success story since 1992 with dedicated employees, loyal business partners and passengers.

Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group values ​by providing the best quality and economical products to the customers in the fastest manner by using the latest technology developed in the world and to maintain its leading position in the sector with the quality understanding that emphasizes customer satisfaction with the products and technologies that it develops, to move beyond the borders of the country, to contribute to the development of the country. Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group has all the principles adopted in all business applications at the source of these qualities. Keeping customer demands and needs at the center of the decision-making process, not sacrificing quality and applying unconditional customer satisfaction to full and world standards is at the forefront of these.

We owe this accomplishment which we have caught in a short time to our high quality standards, superior service understanding, honesty, and distinguished franchisees who lead us. Thanks to all of our employees who have contributed to our success in the 26th year, our customers and our business partners for their support and confidence.