Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group  entered the sector in 1993 by operating esthetic center, selling equipments and devices, and became one of the leading companies in the world, producing medical and cosmetic equipments. In addition, it is both the distributor and the manufacterer of professional cosmetic brands.
Our company has reached 1.200 dealers in Turkey, in a very short time by signing several principles and  innovation in the sector about esthetic, beauty, Wellness & SPA center’s, equipments, devices and professional cosmetics and started to import devices, equipment and cosmetics with great innovations since 2000. Our brands keep their leadership also in the world market and with its forward-looking investment tradition with the right steps, the importance given to production and technology, and the strength it derives from its employees and business partners, it has sustained its success for 28 years.

Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group, the undisputed market leader in professional cosmetics, medical devices and SPA & Wellness equipments, provides full service to chain hotels and boutique hotels, both in Turkey and abroad, as well as projecting and opening a SPA, and extending to its management with its wide range of services, it offers the newest, most trendy SPA trends, rising trends in cosmetics and the latest technologies to SPA hotels and operators.

Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group, has received representations of a world-renowned SPA cosmetics companies from Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. In addition to Biodroga, Biodroga MD, Bioline Jato, Algotherm, Elements, Futuresse, which are among the world brands of professional cosmetics used in beauty centers and SPA & Wellness, its own brand Natural Secret that revolutionized natural cosmetics and now medical and luxury professional cosmetics brand B2CMD(Beauty Code MD) continues to maintain its claim in this area.

In 2000, our company established its presence in the market by starting  cosmetic importation and becoming Turkey distributor of German Gold Flower body and skin care products.
Our group, which started to produce beauty and medical aesthetic devices with the CROSS brand since 2000, has also included the production of SPA devices and equipments since 2005.

Our group in 2012 in its own area of 3,000m2 factory began its production activities in Turkey. Our company, which had OEM production in factories that kept CROSS technology and quality at maximum in Germany and some high-tech Chinese factories until 2019, after 2019 continues to produce in some higtech China factories and in its own factory. Our company sells in many countries with its distinguished distributors and provides after-sales service. Doğuş Kozmetik SPA Group carries out the marketing process and activities of the CROSS brand, which it also manufactures, with its professional field and training team. The method of use of the devices and the results of all necessary application and training steps are documented with CROSS Training Certificates. CROSS brand combines aesthetics with engineering in its designs. Being known for the concepts of design, quality and trust makes our group proud and at the same time empowers us to move towards new and bigger goals.

  • In 2002, we got the Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributorship       of GSD devices.
  • In 2003, we got the Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributorship of German KLAPP’s cosmetic products and bring the brand to the market.
  • In 2003, we got the Turkey distributorship of Thailand-based Natural Secret body care products and has bought the brand after closing the gap in the industry with an innovative service concept
  • In 2009, we became Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributor of French brand PHYTOMER
  • In 2010, we got the Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributorship of the largest and oldest SPA & Thallasso Equipment manufacturer, German  Unbescheiden brand.
  • In 2010, we became the Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributor of German cosmetic giant Biodroga and Biodroga MD.
  • In 2012, we became the Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributor German Luxury Cosmetic SPA brand Futuresse.
  • In 2012, we became the Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributor of Danish Ellipse, the best IPL and ND:Yag laser manufacturer of the world.
  • In 2012, the company got Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributorship of French cosmetic brand Elements used in 90% of the beauty centers and 60% of the beauty schools in France.
  • In 2013, we got the Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributorship of French marine cosmetics giant Algotherm.
  • In 2013, we got Turkey and Northern Cyprus distributorship of Italian cosmetic giant Bioline.
  • In 2015, we launched the luxury professional and medical cosmetics brand B2CMD (Beauty Code Medical). We import products in bulk from Germany, France, Spain and South Korea and all  packaging and filling are done here in Turkey, in our own  GMP and ISO 9001: 2015 certificated factory.

Having the most cosmetic brands in Turkey, closely follows developments in the world and the preference of the Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group creative identity has always managed to rise to the fore. Additionally, the company analyzes the dynamics of the sectors, developments in world market and the customer expectations by participating in national and international sectoral fair, workshop, congress, seminar, symposium and etc.

All Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group products are approved by Ministry of Health and all of the devices are CE certificated. Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group whose head office is located in Umraniye, Istanbul is capable of providing the best service to its customers. Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group , powered by its commitment to values such as teamwork, creativity, environmental awareness and customer satisfaction, continues to work with the passion to provide sustainable development, high quality cosmetics and device production, and customer-specific service understanding. 

Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group, using advanced technology; It is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading company that offers comprehensive, creative, innovative, meeting the expectations and needs of all segments, highly specialized in the production of cosmetics and devices, and offering quality, hygienic products and services at international standards.

Doğuş Kozmetik SPA Group, with its innovative spirit and professional working approach, aims to achieve its goals with bigger steps and create value for all our stakeholders, from our customers to our suppliers, from our employees to the society, by gaining momentum every day. Growing fast every year, we continue in our way as the manufacturer which has the widest range of products in our sector. For this reason, Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group has been awarded many times for high manufacturing quality and after sales support.

We owe this success we achieved in a short time to our high quality standards, superior service understanding, our colleagues who are experts in their field, who attach importance to personal and professional development, to our honesty and to our distinguished dealers who travel with us.

We would like to thank all our stakeholders and friends who have contributed to our success, for their support and trust in us.
Best Regards,
Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group