Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group attaches a particular attention to a harmonized teamwork. Our aim is to provide our employees a working environment where they can develop their skills and feel comfortable.
  • Virtuous and honest
  • Responsible to the society, environment and partners
  • Highlighting the integrity in quality
  • Potential team player
  • A fair policy caring about employees, developing and trusting
  • Customer and consumer focused
  • Continuous innovation focused 
If you want to join Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group, you can apply to the open positions on
In the light of the basic/ executive requirements and job description, potential candidates are selected via The potential candidates for the position are called for a pre-interview with related department manager. If the candidates are thought to be eligible for the position, there will be a second interview when needed. If the interview result is positive, that candidate will be hired. 
Each new employee in Dogus Cosmetics SPA Group is subjected to an orientation training to adapt to the position, colleagues, and working environment
Experience, training and work performance evaluations are taken as the basis for main career step transitions. Besides, in the light of categorized specialty, technical and sales areas, the inferior step transition is possible, as well.